Finally got an SBR bbl

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Finally got an SBR bbl

Post by SSBiggun » 02 Sep 2008, 13:29

I finally foud me a deal on a CMMG bbl 1/9 for 211.00 shipped and Im gonna go through with the SBR converision (warranty notwithstanding) Now for the PITA part getting prints and signiture. Back when I lived in ROY it was easy as I was in tight with RCPD chief but now living in Salt Lake county I guess I gotta wait for the Sherrif or have BCI do it and they usually hold the forms for a week. :(

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Re: Finally got an SBR bbl

Post by Wollychop » 02 Sep 2008, 13:31

pretty redundant ain't it? The ATF is gonna run their own check!

But congrats nonetheless! Until you get temporarily moved to a state where they aren't allowed and your baby has to live in a safe deposit box :cry:

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Re: Finally got an SBR bbl

Post by Zhurdan » 02 Sep 2008, 14:42

You may already know this, but please keep the barrel located somewhere other than where your PS90 resides. Regardless of it not being installed on the receiver, keep it somewhere VERY separate until your SBR paperwork comes thru.


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