SOLD: Jarvis threaded barrel for FiveseveN

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SOLD: Jarvis threaded barrel for FiveseveN

Post by Esteves » 19 Nov 2008, 13:12

Sold, Funds Received.

As seen fro $340.00 (plus shipping) at ... fault.aspx" onclick=";return false;
Made from rifle barrel certified 4140 chromemoly steel, heat treated to 40-42RC, and hardchromed for long-lasting strength and durability, the Jarvis 5.7x28 Tactrical threaded barrel gives you the opportunity to shoot this fine low recoiling pistol suppressed. Whether you are in the military, law enforcement, or a civilian sportsman, shooting this fine pistol suppressed is truely an enjoyable experience. Barrel fits either the USG or IOM models.

Thread pitch 10mm-1 right hand.
Thread protector IS included.

This is my backup threaded barrel, and it has fewer than 50 rounds through it.
It's from Jarvis' very first production run.

Asking $290.00 shipped from AZ.

Local restrictions may apply. Please ensure that threaded barrels are permitted in your locality before contacting me.
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