Bought my Sparrow today

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Bought my Sparrow today

Post by firebolter » 31 Jan 2012, 14:00

So after alot of reading/research, talking to owners and a couple of dealers, I settled on the Silencerco Sparrow for my 5.7 USG. They all do basically about the same as far as dB "suppression". Cost was anywhere from 419 to 900+. I like the dis-assembly of the sparrow and ease of use. I REALLY liked the smaller size /weight compared to the SWR. Very noticeable difference in weight and size. The sparrow is kinda small and lite and I dig that.

I am not saying it is the best, I am saying for my criteria, it met my "check list" the best! So off to get my prints done and get my "package" mailed in Friday for the LONG wait!

Thanks to all of the "suppressed" peopl;e here sharing your personal experiences, it helped me narrow down my choices. After going to the dealer today, it was very easy to decide.

Now, Jarvis or EFK? Let the barrel research begin! I have a couple of EFK's for my Glocks, I like em'

Anyone care to share their opinion or first hand experience? I am not about the cheapest, I am about the best engineeering.........

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Re: Bought my Sparrow today

Post by Ubetit » 13 Feb 2012, 05:51

I love my sparrow on the FiveseveN. I was lucky enough to find an extra factory barrel that i had Tornao Tech extend and thread. If you don't care about using your factory barrel Tornado tech is a much cheaper route. EA is also spposed to be coming out with a threaded barrel btw.

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Re: Bought my Sparrow today

Post by jmz5 » 13 Feb 2012, 19:03

Congrats, the sparrow is a fine suppressor.

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