Finally got my FsN to the range.

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Finally got my FsN to the range.

Post by xuoq » 14 Aug 2010, 13:03

Well 8 months after purchasing and 6.5 months after its Accurizing work, I finally got to shoot my FsN. Unfortunately, the range wouldn't let me shoot my EA PenetraTORs or S4's, and I had to argue a bit to let me shoot my SS197SR. The range doesn't allow anything over 2000fps so I called to ask about the FiveseveN. They told me I could shoot it, but when I arrived the guy looked at the gun and said I couldn't because it fired faster than 2000fps. I politely told him that I was only going to be shooting SS197SR which is rated around 1700-1750fps out of the pistol and he went and asked his boss about it and they finally OK'd it. Only put about 30 rounds through it as the range wasn't going to be open long. Also had to shoot some 10mm out of my yet to be fired EAA Witness-P. Two magazines through my Kimber Ultra Raptor finished off my 15-20 minute shoot and I loved every minute of it. The FsN is a dream to shoot (will try out some of my EA ammo later this week at a different range). The trigger is buttery smooth, very little amount of take-up (thanks EA), very low recoil. I could shoot that thing all day. The 10mm on the other hand was violent. Fun to shoot, but wow. Didn't expect that much recoil and muzzle flip. I was shooting Hornady 180gr XTP (only 10mm ammo available where I live). Very fun to shoot, but I probably shouldn't have shot the FsN right before the Witness. Put a few mags of some Remington FMJ's through my Ultra Raptor just because. It's my current carry gun so I like to finish with that one on every range trip. Overall, had fun shooting all 3. FsN and 10mm were fired for the first time today and will be able to break them in more later this week. The Witness had a few rounds fail to go into battery. Once or twice I had to slam the back of the slide to fully chamber the round. A few other times it just got stuck on the ramp and I had to drop the mag, shake the round out, and just load it in the mag later. Some of the FTF's were when I was chambering the first round, but some were deep in the mag. I'm hoping it's just a "needs to be broken in" thing. No problems at all with the FsN or the Kimber.

As for the picture, the Kimber rounds are off to the right and were fired from about 15 yds. (I purposely aimed over there to differentiate them from the 10mm rounds). The FsN and 10mm were aimed right around center mass and fired from 20 and 25 yds offhand. Not my best work but I hadn't shot in a few months so I'll take it.


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Re: Finally got my FsN to the range.

Post by blueorison » 16 Aug 2010, 04:48

Great shooting, sir, glad you enjoy your firearms.

You win some, you lose some. These seem like winners to me.

Keep shooting and have fun.
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Re: Finally got my FsN to the range.

Post by lazi » 17 Aug 2010, 01:16

looking good!nmh first time was a inch or so higher at 25 yards buy that grouping looked about the same. I was pretty happy.

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