Range time

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Range time

Post by FN-FAN » 15 Sep 2008, 09:47

I had a chance to make it to an indoor range. All I shot was some S4, ss195, ss197. Only 1 s4 FTF, but I ran it through the mag again and no problem. My day at the range was short as I have a fracture on my shooting hand, so I decided to practice off hand for a change. My day started off great shooting S4 and ss195, that all came to a halt when the ss197sr came in the mix. I think out of 2 boxes 2/3 of the rounds failed to fire. I ran some through 3 times before the primers would strike :wall: . I thought my FSN was damaged so I tore it apart and compared it to a NIB FSN they had at the shop. Nothing was damaged so I put the rest of the ss195 through the gun, and it ran like a well oiled machine, no FTF. The SS197 also would'nt load right.
So I chaulked it up as crap a$$ ammo. All in all it was a learning experiance for me. The S4 are wicked little buggers though, the flame and the smoke made me think I was shooting little RPG's :D . This day at the range re-enforced my opinion on the SS197SR, their crap, underpowered and unreliable. If it came to a shootout and all I had was re-manufactured Elite, or SS197sr I would trust my life with Elite, over sub-par factory rounds. This goes to show Elite products are well, ELITE. FN-FAN

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Re: Range time

Post by panzermk2wife » 15 Sep 2008, 10:00

Thanks for the great review
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Re: Range time

Post by EARS » 15 Sep 2008, 11:33

EA is always better than factory! That's why they are Elite!

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