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New rounds from EA

Posted: 14 Jul 2016, 07:59
by panzermk2
Some new and revised rounds from EA.

All loaded on our 08 EA Brass

VarminTOR1 PS90 2271fps FsN 1950fps Nosler 35gr Lead Free Ballistic Tip #45150

VarminTOR2 PS90 1913fps FsN 1634fps Sierra 50gr Blitzking #1450C

Pro4 Fsn, P90 and SBR PS90 Only FsN 2200fps Nosler 35gr Ballistic Tip

The new Pro4 is pretty wicked. It's loaded to 48k psi at 80F. 2k under FNH max but well below my brass max. I did not want to neuter it to function in a 16.5 barreled PS90.

Re: New rounds from EA

Posted: 15 Jul 2016, 10:25
by Toaster
What's the difference between the 08 and 07 brass your selling?

How are you able to tell your PSI and what's the updated max of the EA brass?

Re: New rounds from EA

Posted: 15 Jul 2016, 10:28
by panzermk2
Case capacity.

07 is 9.5gr of H2O

The 08 has a revised interior to raise capacity. The increase was small but enough that I changed the head stamp.