EA Closed for Memorial Day 2014

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EA Closed for Memorial Day 2014

Post by panzermk2wife » 25 May 2014, 10:30

Just a couple of reminders:

Elite Ammunition will be closed on Monday, May 26th for Memorial Day :patriot: :patriot:

We now have EA Gift Certificates Available in the following denominations: $25, $50, $100, $150, $200, $250 & $500.

Starting @ Midnight tonight (CDT) Accurizing will be open for purchasing :monkey: :monkey:

May 26, 2014 thru June 24, 2014 we have slashed the price for this service $400.90 $360.81
That's a 10% Savings!!!!!!!!

What is included in the Accurizing Service
*EA Ammunition tested in gun for function
*Removal of magazine safety
*Smoothing of the hammer to sear contact. Greatly improves trigger action and creates a crisp release
*Reducing trigger pull by 50%
*Increase hammer spring pre-load 20-30% for crisper disconnect
*Chamber lapping. Aids in extraction and protection of coating on brass
*Polish and Tune extractor
*Polishing and Fitting (too much to list) and a detailed cleaning including correct lubrication
*Each gun is tested to deliver a 4-pound trigger pull before leaving the shop
*Return Shipping

FYI Since we have had a few requests. YES we can leave the magazine disconnect safety in place. YES leaving it in place will affect the trigger pull and the trigger pull will not be as good as without it. How much is subjective and varies from gun to gun.

Please Choose the Accurizing Only Return Shipping option for ACCURIZING

FiveseveN Accurizing
FiveseveN MKII Accurizing

You will also NEED to download, print, sign and send the REQUIRED PAPERWORK along with your pistol. If this paperwork is not sent and signed service will NOT begin until we receive it. Along with this paperwork are shipping instructions and suggestions. Please remember they CANNOT ship via the United States Post Office or FedEx/UPS Ground. They MUST go via FedEx/UPS AIR.

I hope everyone has a a happy & safe Memorial Day
God Bless America


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