It has gotten to that point.......

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It has gotten to that point.......

Post by panzermk2wife » 13 Nov 2013, 15:49

Gathering from the many emails over the past couple of months that I have received from people some people are getting desperate and stealing envelopes and boxes from Mail Boxes, and property that are delivered by the United States Post Office, FedEx and UPS.

And as much as I hate to do it I think I am going to have make every shipment (not just ammunition) require a signature.


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Re: It has gotten to that point.......

Post by fd57 » 15 Nov 2013, 18:47

In my experience, a signature means nothing. Anyone can sign, rarely do drivers ask for the recipient to sign, or identification of the person signing. With this and the chicken scratch signatures how will requiring a signature stop the missing packages problem?

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