A call to ban fists and knives

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Mister Freeze
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A call to ban fists and knives

Post by Mister Freeze » 22 Feb 2013, 07:16

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Why stop at guns?

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Vortec MAX
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Re: A call to ban fists and knives

Post by Vortec MAX » 22 Feb 2013, 08:15

I have been thinking for a long time that amputating hands and feet at birth would save countless lives. If it saves just one life... it would be worth it. I mean it makes perfect sense considering that you are much more likely to be killed with an assailant's hands or feet than you are to be shot with an assault rifle. Up to 16 times more likely by some calculations. Do it for the children.


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Re: A call to ban fists and knives

Post by jgreenberg01 » 22 Feb 2013, 08:23

Or maybe limit digits (fingers & toes) to just 10. Hi-capacity appendages are simply too dangerous for anyone other than the police or military to carry.

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Re: A call to ban fists and knives

Post by Grantness » 22 Feb 2013, 08:53

But guys.....we've all neglected to consider the forehead. Way too many of them out there....and [email protected] knows they could do some damage.

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Re: A call to ban fists and knives

Post by fd57 » 22 Feb 2013, 11:52

Would like to see armed (unwrapped) penises banned.

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