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Reloading equipment value

Post by Forewarned » 03 Oct 2010, 19:17

How well does reloading equipment hold it's value? I have a friend that has a like new RCBS Rock Chucker supreme master kit plus some extras like a tumbler and digital scale. Normally I only pay 50-65 percent of retail for used stuff but I have never checked into reloading equipment. He's looking to get like $350 for like $450-$500 worth of stuff. Is it worth it?

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Re: Reloading equipment value

Post by jmz5 » 03 Oct 2010, 22:57

I would list items at that price, then be negotiable depending on how bad he needs or wants the money.

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Re: Reloading equipment value

Post by bayhawk2 » 03 Dec 2010, 16:26

Don't know what all he's got and if the price you quoted is
up to date.I,however am like you.65% is the norm on this stuff used.
It's not like a gun that goes up in value.It's no different than most
things.Used is used.If you go up much higher,you'd be better
off buying it new.After all the new stuff is more user friendly than the old stuff.

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Re: Reloading equipment value

Post by fatherfoof » 04 Dec 2010, 09:58

The unknowns such as plastic tumblers are the only question mark. Presses and dies will outlive your kids. I did manage to break a Lee press once, but they replaced it. If you hang around gunshops/reloading stores, there is always a guy with a box of goodies to sell at a fraction of cost. Also, I hate to say it, but widows of sportsmen often give away what they see as clutter. Lucky us.
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