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Stuck case

Post by EmptyBrass » 16 Jan 2009, 17:53

No problem. I know they sell these but they are more then $1.85 I built this ever so simple machine. Also need drilll, bit and 1/4-20 tap. spacer bigger then the casing, washers, 1/4-20 high grade bolt.

I built a bullet puller. This is a must and extremely simple. Poped the case out in about 15 seconds.

Step 1 drill out with drill bit
Step 2 tap with 1/4/20 tap case in primer area you drilled out.
Step 3 assemble
Step 4 tighten bolt and pop!


So easy!!!! Every realoader needs one. Now you may not have a piece of stainless like that but a big stack of washers would probably work you just need a place where the casing can slide into.

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