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Post by FNForever » 28 Feb 2013, 23:30


I am selling 73 rounds of S4M, 33 rounds of Protector II, and a box of SS197SR. My FsN was stolen over the holidays (along with 4 other firearms) and I no longer have a need for this ammo. I had fired some to check reliability hence why the ammo count is off, but as I understand you can't get this stuff anymore; at least not until production kicks up again. I am not piecing anything out. All ammo must be purchased together. Price is $400 obo. I will send pictures once I have a solid offer. Payment must be made by money order or cashiers check. I will ship UPS upon receipt of funds. Shipping will be extra. I also have 4 boxes of Winchester PDX1 in 357 Sig, (yeah, they got P2000sk too). I will sell that separately for $120. All of it for $450.

P.S. I will need to verify that the buyer is at least 18 years old. A scanned DL or other form of ID will be needed for verification prior to shipment.

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