What has happened?

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What has happened?

Post by JoJo » 26 Nov 2013, 09:39

I used to present a fine knife to every Boyscout in my area when he advanced to Eagle Scout. Consequently, I bought a lot of Gerbers, Case, Cold Steel, etc.
Recently, I decided I needed a smaller pocket knife that what I normally carry. I ordered a SOG....horrible, a Gerber....horrible.

After ordering and returning four brand name knives, I am wondering what happened to the quality! The last one is a Cold Steel
model. The ergonomics are so bad that it is damned near impossible to open it using the flipper without risking a serious cut as my buddy found out.

I assume that the quality of the blade material is better than ever but the rest of the knife is pitiful. My favorite knife is my Emerson "Wave".

Any suggestions for a small folder (2 1/2" blade). My price range is up to $85.00. I am not cheap but I am getting senile and misplacing things.
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Re: What has happened?

Post by panzermk2 » 26 Nov 2013, 14:40

I like Kershaw for good all around daily knives. Leeks and Chives are cool but can be hard on the palm of your hand if you really start working with them. My daily is this Kershaw since its grips are thicker and easier on the hands.

Gerbers as of late have been very disappointing.

Kershaw 1550ST Blackout Partially Serrated Folding Knife.

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Re: What has happened?

Post by blueorison » 26 Nov 2013, 16:36

Benchmade Griptilian.

I used to carry the Kershaw Blackout.
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Re: What has happened?

Post by jmz5 » 27 Nov 2013, 04:29

I am a fan of the mini griptillian. Benchmade engraved it for free at the NRA show too.

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Re: What has happened?

Post by Mister Freeze » 27 Nov 2013, 05:41

CRKT. Always performs. take your pick.
http://www.crkt.com/foldingedcknives" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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