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Page / Line / Command Screen Formatting

Posted: 16 May 2015, 00:23
by zapj
Really excellent site here folks!! Seems like there is a "just right" mix of old pro's, newbies and interesting characters such that most everyone can have enjoyable, respectful, generally fact oriented discussions without any heavy handed mod or admin riding heard on the participants.

Have been lurking here for several months, but decided that I should join so I can engage in a bit of debate on some the topics being discussed.

On to the site issue: Up until recently I used a Windows platform to access the site, but finally took the plunge and started using an Nvidia tablet most of the time. However, using the tablet touch screen, and my one finger typing method, has been a bit of challenge in the area of screen navigation.

Specifically, I am finding myself having to pinch zoom the screen a lot to get the "Next" page command or a specific page able to be "touched" with my big fingers. Also trying to select other commands, like "Login" or "Next", that are small / on the extreme right end of a line, is very difficult for my finger to use on the touch screen, while using a mouse was no issue.

So, what I would like to ask, is there a way that some of the screen / line commands that live at the extreme right of a line could be moved a few spaces to the left so that selecting those commands would be easier for touch screen tablet users?

If I am the only one with this issue (?), or there is an easy solution that someone can share, then I apologize for wasting everyone's time......

Re: Page / Line / Command Screen Formatting

Posted: 16 May 2015, 17:45
by jgreenberg01
Isn't that an Android based tablet? I use a Galaxy Note tablet and a Galaxy Note 4 smartphone and both have Chrome downloaded on them.

This forum works works fairly well on the phone and is pretty darn straight forward on the tablet when using Chrome. What browser are you using?

Re: Page / Line / Command Screen Formatting

Posted: 16 May 2015, 23:08
by zapj
I am using both Chrome and Dolphin on Android 5.01.
They work pretty well, in general, but the challenge I
have is that commands at the right side
screen edge are very hard to select. So I end up
pinch zooming the end of the line to get the
thing I want to select big enough and far enough
away from the right side of the screen such that
I can select it with a finger press.

For example, at the end of a page of forum replies there is a set of
commands in the lower right hand corner to get to another page by page number,
prev or next. If i want to go to the next page (use the next command), I have to zoom
the commands to get "next" away from the right hand screen edge and then select it.
I typically can't simply press the "next" command directly.


Re: Page / Line / Command Screen Formatting

Posted: 17 May 2015, 07:30
by jmz5
I do most of my browsing from an iPad or iPhone. I guess I didn't think this was that big of an issue.