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FiveseveN Forum Conduct Guidelines.

Posted: 21 Aug 2008, 18:50
by jmz5
FiveseveN Forum Conduct Guidelines

1) Membership at FiveseveNForum is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to deny service to any person at anytime without cause.

2) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you; NOT before they do unto you.

3) No posting derogatory comments or images of a racial, religious, or sexual/pornographic nature. This includes your user name, signature line, and title. Site Staff shall reserve the right to edit these items and to remove your ability to modify them in the future. (See consequences)

4) We will NOT tolerate the posting of illegal modifications or purchase of firearms.

5) Discussions on how to illegally acquire AP ammunition, manufacture AP ammunition, or alter standard ammunition to become AP are prohibited.

6) The posting of another forum members personal information, such as real name, telephone number, address, kids schools, place of business, etc. is forbidden without the express prior permission of the individual who's information is being posted. Violation of this rule will result in immediate and permanent banishment from this forum. (See consequences) This is an issue of personal privacy and safety. If you would not want another posting a particular piece of information about you, DO NOT post it about another. Even if YOU don't mind another posting a particular piece of information about you, DO NOT post it about another.

7) Multiple accounts are generally prohibited. Exceptions may be made for a business account to be created for an existing member so as to distinguish between business policy statements and personal opinions. All persons who have need of a second account must receive permission before it can be created. Forum members who create additional accounts without prior permission may have both accounts banished; and in that event, no refunds for memberships purchased will be made. (See consequences)

8) Trolling is prohibited. Passionate discussions are encouraged; however blatant arguments for the sake of arguing should be avoided. Members who are repeatedly warned for unnecessary 'trolling' may be banished. (See consequences)

9) Once a discussion on a topic is closed, it remains closed. Members should not attempt to revive a closed topic by beginning a new thread on the subject. This is poor etiquette and boorish behavior. Members who repeatedly violate this rule may be removed from this site. (See consequences)

10) Other forums exist; and on those forums there are others with which some may not agree. Disagreements should not cross site boundaries. Arguments do little to resolve a situation, and often lead to unpleasant endings.

11) Links to businesses should be avoided unless the business is a paying forum supporter, or the link is pertinent to the conversation. Members who are business owners and are not paying subscribers are generally prohibited from using their business name for their account, may not link to their businesses by placing the address in their signature, or constantly 'plug' their products. If a member wishes to benefit from the membership of this forum, they are expected to pay for that privilege. Those who violate this guideline, after being warned and given the opportunity sponsor this forum, may be removed without further warning.(See consequences)

12) All information placed on this site remains the property of the author. The FiveseveN Forum accepts no liability for information posted here; nor are they responsible to ensure the accuracy of any information posted. The Moderators, Administrators, and Owners reserve the right to edit posts for content, to protect copyrights, and to comply with court orders. Members are not to remove, alter, destroy, or in any other way transmit from this site any post, picture, profile ,etc. without the express prior permission of the owner of this information. Basically said, if you didn't put it here, you may not remove, or copy it without permission.

13) Posts made in the private, paying members areas, are privileged information and should not be given, transmitted, alluded to, spoken about ,etc. to any third party without the content owner's permission. Those who violate this guideline may be removed from the site. In this event, no monies will be reimbursed for memberships purchased.(See Consequences)

14) These guidelines may change from time to time, without warning. Continued usage of this forum after being notified of the change of guidelines shall demonstrate your acceptance of the terms and guidelines. If you should decide that the new terms and conditions are unacceptable, you must immediately cease to use this forum.

Potential actions and consequences:
Friendly note (AKA warning) - may or may not occur.
Staff reserve the right to relocate, edit, or remove content which does not meet these guidelines.
Users may be banished from the forum, either temporarily or permanently.
In the event of banishment, no refunds for purchased memberships will be made.

Advice (that will help everyone enjoy their time spent here.)

1) The forum has a search feature (toward the top of the screen, two buttons to the left of the "Log Out" button) Learn to use it, you may find that your question has been asked (and asked) before.

2) Get a feel for the layout of the sub-forums. The staff will likely move your post to an appropriate sub-forum, but you'll get a better response if you post in the proper location in the first place.

3) The archives (" onclick=";return false; ) can be useful in learning the forum layout and also in finding information.

4) Each sub-forum has several "sticky" threads. These generally contain information that the staff feels that everyone should know, and will answer many common questions.

5) STFW (AKA Google is your friend.) Many answers to common questions can also be found on the WWW. Try a bit of homework before posting here.

6) Try not to hijack other people's threads. Some amount of topic drift is expected, but it's rude to post things that go in a completely different direction that the thread topic or first post in the thread. This advice applies to follow-up questions by the original poster too.

7) Learn how to disagree without resorting to personal attacks. Don't get huffy if someone politely disagrees with you of if they take a different position. 'Nuff said.