Killer deal on Israeli 5.56mm M855 NATO ammo

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Killer deal on Israeli 5.56mm M855 NATO ammo

Post by Vortec MAX » 01 Jan 2010, 17:10

I just wanted to let my fellow forum members know about a sweet deal on IMI M855 62gr NATO ammo for 5.56mm that is available at Wideners. I bought some of this in the late 90's from Cole Distributing and it was the best ammo I ever tried. I couldn't find any after that... until now. In 2009, I saw the late 90's stuff selling for 50.00 per box of 30. It was pretty insane. Now you can get brand new 2009 production for 435.00 per case of 1200.

Here is the link.

I saw a "review" on on this new production stuff that was very positive. That's how I found out about it. Just passing the info along.


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