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Unicorn found - Voere

Posted: 18 Dec 2013, 20:57
by TP57
I have found the elusive unicorn, Vorare that most of us are mining from our collections. Here is a picture" onclick=";return false;

I tried to post this earlier, but we. Want to go all "Office Space" on my tablet.... Hope this works. I picked up a few extras of the voere's for trades for like for high end gem trades from your collections. I know I have to get back to blueorison regarding a separate trade, but I still have a few more available if anyone is interested in trading or would like to add one of these rare beauties to their collection I will be willing to listen to offers.. PM me

Believe me when I say it and the fact that others have tried, this is a tough round to find. It will be here today and poof gone tomorrow .