Ammunition used in my FNS-40 and FNX-40

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Ammunition used in my FNS-40 and FNX-40

Post by aimtrue » 02 Feb 2013, 02:55

I have now tested the following brands, types and weights of ammunition in both my FNS-40 and FNX-40 pistols. None produced a failure to properly load fire or eject.

Recoil for each was easily manageable. None left an inordinate amount of residue.


CCI Blazer 3591 180 FMJ

Hornady 191340 165 XTP

Remington L40SW2B 180 JHP

Sellier & Bellot ZYV311202A 180 FMJ

Speer WX2-151931 155 HP

Winchester Q4369 180 JHP

Winchester USA40SWP 165 FMJ

The best accuracy I was able to achieve shooting at targets placed to different distances was with the Winchester Q4369. I have read that this powerful ammunition was chosen by various Federal, State, and Local agencies as their duty ammunition.

As long as I am able to find and purchase it, it will be my first choice for carry and home defense purposes.

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Re: Ammunition used in my FNS-40 and FNX-40

Post by blueorison » 02 Feb 2013, 15:26

Thanks for sharing, Sir! It's always nice to know what will probably run through your gun, fine. I expect FN to have reliability with all kinds of ammunition, but it is good information, none-the-less!

The only ammunition advice shooters to avoid is Remington UMC.

Steel/Aluminum-cased ammunition is fine, also, but just remember they usually utilize a bi-metal steel jacket that will wear down your chamber/barrel faster. Not that it matters, as FN/Glock/etc. makes their bbls using the CHF process. Plus, Glock replacement barrels are only $100, normally. But I digress...

Also, steel ammunition will often slow down your magazine follower following, as there is more friction between the walls of the cartridges and the walls of your magazine; often exacerbated by the lacquer/polymer coating on the non-brass-cased ammunition as residue on magazine's inside surfaces.

I will shoot anything, though. I don't care. I don't care, at all, because beggars can't be choosers. :)

The above is just advice I give others, as most/everyone I know cares. No one wants their gun to jam. :thumb:
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