A new .40 S&W ammunition to me

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A new .40 S&W ammunition to me

Post by aimtrue » 18 Dec 2012, 03:27

Many of you are probably aware of this ammunition and what I write you already know.

However, this month I found a .40 caliber round that I like very much. It is Winchester Q4369 .40 S&W bonded jacket hollow point ammunition. It has run flawlessly through my FNX-40 pistol and does not leave more than a modest amount of residue to cleanup.

My research is that this particular round is from government contract overrun. Q4369 is the brass cased version of the Winchester Ranger bonded LE ammunition RA40B. Furthermore, according to the literature, it has been chosen by various Federal, State, and Local agencies as their duty ammunition of choice. While not the fastest or most powerful .40, at 990 FPS 391 FT LBS, it packs a stopping power wallop.

My research also found a posting in an internet forum in which the poster spoke to Winchester about this ammunition. The poster was told, “Q4369 is FBI contract over-run ammunition. The bullet is the same as the PDX1 round. My ammunition came brass cased and not nickeled. The original FBI contract called for nickel cases and water-proofing. However, the nickel case was too slippery and the water sealant would slide down the inside of the case wall and not seal the bullet in. So there was a contract modification by the FBI to switch to brass which would let the sealant stick to the inside of the case and seal the bullet.

The PDX1 round is not waterproof and put in nickeled cases for appearances. Also, once all of the Q4369 is gone, there will be no more since it is overrun and NOT rejected ammunition."

This last sentence alerted me to the fact that Q4369 will not be available much longer. Thus, yesterday I purchased 500 rounds on the internet from SGammo for $179.90 plus $14 UPS shipping. Compared to the $218.60 it would cost me at my local Walmart for 10 boxes of 50, buying for SGammo saved me $24.70.

Even though I have both Speer Gold Dots and Hornady Critical Defense ammunition on hand, I am also comfortable carrying the Q4369 as a defensive load.

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Re: A new .40 S&W ammunition to me

Post by SHEEPDOG » 18 Dec 2012, 10:58

They look like Talons to me.

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