197sr 2000 round case weight

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197sr 2000 round case weight

Post by ryr8828 » 22 Oct 2012, 12:20

Can anyone tell me what a 2000 round case of 197sr weights? I don't have a scale and have exhausted google.

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Re: 197sr 2000 round case weight

Post by Kerberos » 22 Oct 2012, 16:30

It's about 32 pounds.
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Re: 197sr 2000 round case weight

Post by Currently » 06 Dec 2012, 19:47

Can someone point me to a location where I can purchase a 2000round case?

Prefer SS197SR

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Re: 197sr 2000 round case weight

Post by Rapier1772 » 06 Dec 2012, 21:01

Best bet is bulk from Cabela's but pretty much every one is sold out, Cabela's is back ordered until July last I heard. You might find a few boxes here & there but I haven't seen a full case for sale in a long time.
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