Skeet and Trap shotguns vs. Tactical shotguns.

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Re: Skeet and Trap shotguns vs. Tactical shotguns.

Post by emarvets » 23 Feb 2009, 14:27

69ranchero351c wrote:oh yeh if you got a mossy or a remington pump, barrels are cheap and stupid easy to change. so you could have the best of both worlds, a tactical barrel and a skeet barrel.

I'm in the process of doing that now. Looking at a Remington 870 Marine Magnum or one of the 870 Police/Tactical/Defense models. Those usually come with a 7 round mag.

Next, adding a 26' Vent Rib for bird and 23' rifled cantilever barrel with a scope mounted to it for sabot/slub rounds.

One shotgun for everything...

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Re: Skeet and Trap shotguns vs. Tactical shotguns.

Post by Grouse » 01 Mar 2009, 09:42

Pick up a good sxs, in skeet 1 and skeet 2 for skeet shooting. And a sxs in mod full for trap and continental


the first shotgun from the left is a B.C. Miroku. (british common wealth import) Miroku made the browning shot guns in japan. Miroku were not generally imported to the us, It went to a british common wealth then made it to the US. I had some champion thinwall chokes installed, So i have skeet 1, skeet2, Improved cylinder, and modified. I do not put full or mod chokes in this one very much.

The second gun is a spanish made mod/full choke (not removable choke) I use it for trap and continental.

In the past, i had a benelli nova with recoil reduction kit and i/c choke. I found it did an okay job at trap and continetal, but was not quick enough on follow up shots for 5 stand or skeet. I then was given a sxs to try and imediately fell in love. I prefer double triggers. I have been hunting with a bloke when his one trigger for his over under broke. that finished his day of hunting. with double triggers it still allows you to hunt.

my two cents in a world of 20 dollar bills.

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