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ATN 390 Paladin Review

Posted: 05 Dec 2008, 09:57
by Wollychop

An early christmas present for myself.

I am very impressed with this scope considering the 1st Gen tag and price. I picked it up for $500 and have seen it on "sale" for up to 700 and retailing for more than that.

The image is very crisp and clear, and the focus is sharp. It advertises a "recognition" range of 100 yards but I think it is quite a bit better than that with a half moon. The reticle is very sharp. Diopter adjustment it easy and the focus ring is a bit stiff (by design I think).

When adjusting any NVS you can typically find a range at which the focus will hold to infinity. On this it seems to be around 50 yards. With the focus at that range, of course, objects become blurrier the closer they get to you. You can tighten the focus down much closer, and I was able to get a razor sharp focus on object 10 feet away (very good for indoors :) )

I have it mounted on my Sig 556 SWAT. The 450 mw IR illuminator is weaver/picatinny compatible, so I have it mounted on the weapons side rail instead of on top of the scope. There is a rail on top that you could attach a mini red dot to if you so desired.

The IR illuminator is pretty effective and has windage and elevation adjustments so that you can properly allign the beam.

You can use it in daylight with the filter cap on. This is good for initial zeroing, and, in a pinch, you could still shoot if you really had to with the system installed. For my initial zero I simply aligned a laser to the POA of the optic that was originally installed, then installed the ATN 390, adjusted the ATN 390s reticle to fall on the laser point, and it was pretty much spot on. The reticle has a brightness adjustment. I've found that it needs to be dialed down quite a bit when its pretty dark, but the ability to make it fairly bright is good for daytime shooting.

ATN advertises it as the "best gen 1 scope" on the market, and I think I'd have to agree. It is big, fairly bulky, but not at all ugly and seems like it will last a good while. It runs on a single 3 volt CR123A with a 10 hour run time. The IR illuminator also runs on a CR123A.

I'm going to try to get some video of raccoon assassinations in a couple weeks when I go on vacation.

Re: ATN 390 Paladin Review

Posted: 05 Dec 2008, 10:00
by MrSlippyFist
They look sweet. I read a bad review somewhere and the person said to stay away from all things ATN. I'd like to handle one and find out for myself. Let us know how it performs after some range/field time.

Re: ATN 390 Paladin Review

Posted: 05 Dec 2008, 10:01
by Wollychop

Re: ATN 390 Paladin Review

Posted: 05 Dec 2008, 10:14
by jmz5

Re: ATN 390 Paladin Review

Posted: 05 Dec 2008, 14:27
by Wollychop
I have been totally spoiled by ANVIS. If I got a set of goggles it would set me back way, way too much.