Romanian PSL

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Romanian PSL

Post by VeTTeMaNC486 » 07 Sep 2012, 22:06

I have had one for a while, have had nothing but trouble out of it. Forgot what nationality ammo I have, but it used to fail to feed, as in halfway strip the round from the mag atleast 2-3 times per mag with it. I eventually polished EVERYTHING that moves and the bottom side of the feed lips and the bullet guide on the front of the mag which seemed to help, but not solve the problem. I bought some brass cased ammo (PPU 150gr) and tried it. It worked without jamming, but sent the brass literally about 50 feet away. I got kind of pissed and put it away and haven't it since, until today. I did some research and people say make sure to use grease instead of oil on the moving parts and that will help with stripping rounds out of the mag. I also tapped the gas block and put a 8-32 set screw in it, after drilling a .062" hole in it. The steel milsurp that I have just falls out the side of the rifle (NO JAM WITH THAT ONE MAG!). It seems like it could honestly use a little more gas. Next up was the same 150gr PPU, it went about 15-20 feet. I am amazed at how much farther those casings go. Must be a lot hotter. Point of impact is a few inches higher too. When I find a drill bit set with smaller bits I plan to make several "bushings" with different sized gas ports for shooting light ball and heavy ball (PSLs are known for self destructing with +150gr bullets). I am eventually looking forward to eventually loading the 174 SMK and seeing what kind of accuracy this thing is capable of. :D

Anyone here have any experience with these?

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