Cheapest AR-15

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Re: Cheapest AR-15

Post by SeaHawkDriver-B » 19 Jan 2012, 15:47

A couple of things have to happen for the gov't to ban so-called "assault weapons" again... 1 is a thriving economy, which makes all the self-righteous intellectuals feel empowered to make decisions for the 'little people' again. It also lulls the public into is a false sene of financial security in lieu of physical security. 2 is a democrat congress and democrat president... 3 is another tragedy in which firearms were involved, i.e. Virginia Tech or Columbine.

Since the economy is in the crapper and going to stay there for at least another 5 years, people are still scared to death of angry entitlement mobs cut off from their suckling of gov't welfare and social programs. Also the NRA barely batted an eye when the latest congresswoman was shot half a dozen times from a G19/happy-stick combo. I chuckle to myself becuase I personally went out and bought $1000 in hi-cap mags the day after that happened, which are now collecting dust, but I still consider them a worthwhile investment.

Ok, threadjack over, back to the topic of el-cheapo AR-15.

Any namebrand AR-15 in the $600-$700 range is fine, doesn't really matter which one if you ask me. I dont own any anymore so can't comment any deeper than that. If I had it to do all over again I hear the M&Ps are the "best of the worst", so to speak.

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Re: Cheapest AR-15

Post by Thedirtyheat » 19 Jan 2012, 17:55

I have heard really good things about mp some complaints with quality control but if there are issues they will fix it. Good route in my opinion

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Re: Cheapest AR-15

Post by texag » 18 Mar 2012, 10:16

Any one have any opinions on CMMG?

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Re: Cheapest AR-15

Post by blackhawk795 » 23 Apr 2012, 19:35" onclick=";return false; i have read great things about this to, be a nice start to a tactical AR which you would be using for short range applications only

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