Steyr AUG

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Steyr AUG

Post by Rover » 10 Mar 2011, 08:14

I had one of these a while back and ended up getting rid of it because I never got optics set up in a way that I liked for the rifle. I recently got this one with a green reticle ACOG which is perfect for it.

I've been through a lot of 5.56s in the last few years and this is hands down my favorite.


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Re: Steyr AUG

Post by SeaHawkDriver-B » 10 Mar 2011, 08:40

That my friend, is an AUG A3, an excellent purchase if I may say so, and also, an endangered species. Saber Arms was contracted to assembly the Austrian-made parts. They actually only made the weapon for one year, last year, discontinued production, and did not reach their stated target of 2000 rifles.

Steyr states they will re-start production, but with this economy and more importation bans on the way, thats wishful thinking.

I picked one up the week after they were released for around $1900; was dying to get my hands on an original Steyr after MSAR basically gave the AUG a bad name, and flooded the market with their knock-off versions, driving the price down below $1K.

I adore my A3, and bought the NATO lower for it, so it easily accepts all my STANAG magazines. Actually, the NATO lower came with the gun, I dont think the the person who sold me the gun knew that it demanded a higher price for having BOTH lowers.

Just haven't found the right optic for it... I have the 1:9 16" barrel and would like the longer 20" to compliment it, takes about 5 seconds to swap barrels, actually pretty decent even for a crew served weapon.

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Re: Steyr AUG

Post by ChaosSeen » 10 Mar 2011, 23:23

What caliber(s) are these made in?

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Re: Steyr AUG

Post by blueorison » 10 Mar 2011, 23:39

5.56 NATO or 9x19.

They are enjoyable to shoot, alongside Steyr pistols.
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Re: Steyr AUG

Post by PGT » 11 Mar 2011, 11:29

I handled the MSAR before buying my PS90 over it back in January. Given a chance for a real Steyr version with NATO lower for less than $2k, I'd jump on it.
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Re: FS2000 parts (hmmmmm...)

Post by Litehiker » 20 Dec 2013, 19:28

I have a Steyr AUG. Bought it 18 years ago and NEVER had a part failure in several hundreds of rounds.

Steyr quality is second to none.

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