FN Herstal (FNMI) Five-seveN FAQ

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FN Herstal (FNMI) Five-seveN FAQ

Post by panzermk2wife » 20 Aug 2008, 20:12

Again courtesy of DmL5

FN Herstal (FNMI) Five-seveN FAQ


This was on the FNMI website a long time ago, but is now out of service. Luckily I had it saved to a text file, it contains some interesting info. Keep in mind that this FAQ is quite old and may contain outdated information. This FAQ is on the Five-seveN.


Q: How much recoil does the pistol produces?
A: 1.7 kgm/s or 55% of a 9mm. The recoil of the FsN is slightly less than the P90

Q: What is the trigger pull in lbs?
A: The tactical is 4.85lbs - 5.5 lbs, the dao is 9 -12

Q: Are the sights adjustable?
A: Yes, in windage by moving the rear sight

Q: Can we get night sights?
A: Yes, tritium rear sight are red, front sight is green to get a better contrast

Q: Can a person with small hands easily handle and shoot the Five-seveN?
A: Yes, the gun was designed with the human factor taken in consideration

Q: What is the noise level?
A: Less than 130dbA

Q: What type of safeties are on the pistol and safety features?
A: The dao has a firing pin safety with the heavier trigger pull, the tactical has a positive safety as it blocks the trigger

Q: What type of accuracy can be expected?
A: The guns are fired in the factory in Belgium and must meet a figure of merit, measurement of the vertical and horizontal spread, of a group of 6 rounds fired at a distance of 20 meters (21.84yd). The group can not exceed 200mm or (7.87in)

Q: How durable is the gun?
A: 20000 rounds life for the main components: barrel, frame and slide

Q: What process is used to produce the rifling?
A: Rotary forging also known as swaging or cold forming

Q: Have any type of adverse condition testing been performed on the pistol?
A: Drop tests have been performed according to NATO STANAG standards and much more

Q: Is the pistol easy to strip down and clean?
A: Yes, some little information and training are required due to its unique design

Q: What is the muzzle jump like?
A: This of course will vary according to the wrist strength of the shooter, again the recoil is only 55% of a 9mm.

Q: Is there any jamming or feeding problem with the pistol?
A: No, the cartridges are in line with the chamber, there is no feed ramp on the barrel only a main taper angle. The magazine has two rows of 10 ammunition like rifle magazine, this is more reliable than conventional 9mm pistol

Q: If the pistol needs service, to whom do we send it?
A: FN offers armorer training, weapons can always be send to us for repair.

Q: Does the pistol has a non glare finish?
A: Yes, it is matt black technical polymer

Q: How is the muzzle flash?
A: The muzzle flash is bigger than 9mm

Q: How strong is the action?
A: 49,000 psi is the maximum working pressure, the pistol is tested at proof pressure of 63,000psi.
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Re: FN Herstal (FNMI) Five-seveN FAQ

Post by WARWOLF » 22 Aug 2008, 21:54

Question #4 makes me laugh :lmao:

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