Berreta PX4 Subcompact

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Berreta PX4 Subcompact

Post by ChuckD » 12 Jun 2009, 21:45

Anyone had any experience with the new PX4 Sub-compact?
Was thinking about picking one up for a new carry weapon.
Any and all feedback would be appreciated.

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Re: Berreta PX4 Subcompact

Post by toyslr » 14 Jun 2009, 20:31

No experience with the PX4 platform but own two 92 9 m.m. and one 96 .40 cal.
Beretta fit and finish along with a simple platform make for a dependable

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Re: Berreta PX4 Subcompact

Post by warlokk08 » 29 Jun 2009, 14:34

My best friend had the sub compact in .40 and said it was one of the best guns he has ever owned. He's had HK's, Taurus PT1911, Kahr, and a couple others and said he likes that one the most. I like how they look also. I think Beretta makes a good firearm.


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