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Excel Arms MP-5.7 Review

Posted: 18 Jul 2015, 03:10
by wtsane1
Excel MP-5.7 Review
All, this is my first post here, and I would like to recount for you my success with a fine Excel Arms product, the MP-5.7. I would like to do this….I would also like to have hair, but that isn’t happening either. Let me jump right into it.

I returned from Afghanistan in early 2014, and decided I wanted to purchase a 5.7 chambered pistol. The Excel looked like a bargain, and the longer bull barrel promised an increased velocity. I shopped gunbroker, and eventually struck a deal in November for just under $600.00, including the FFL transfer and shipping.
The pistol arrived shortly after, and in December, I went to the range with my new acquisition to take the measure of the pistol. This was somewhat curtailed by the minor fact that the pistol DID NOT FIRE. Not only did this new, out of the box pistol not fire, it did not even show a primer strike in several dozen attempts. I have purchased 110 year old Colts, new pistols from Kel-Tec to Sig and have never, ever, had a turd out of the box, but I surely had one now.
I went on to the Excel website, and contacted them immediately…..nothing. I waited a month, and repeated the procedure…nothing. I called, and was trapped in the hell of endless phone message, so I wrote again, and on 21 May 2015, I received the following response:
“Hello – Sorry to hear about your trouble.

Can you check to be sure the screws, specifically the rear screw on the top of the pistol rib is snug down tight with the allen Hex wrench.
The screws can become loose and this will cause malfunctions. They need to be kept snug down tight.

If after you have checked the screws, then you can send the firearm into us to check out for you.
Your Return Authorization number is RA# XXXXX.
Ship it to our address listed below. Do not include any live rounds, but do include your magazines.
Please fill out the warranty card and send it in to activate the warranty.


While not exactly pleased with being told to repair my own firearm before sending it in, I tried it, no joy. I whipped the pistol to Excel Arms, which Fed Ex (on my dime) confirmed arrived on 29 May 2015.
Insert long pause of hearing nothing here, not even an email confirming receipt.

I wrote an email to Kathy on 01 June (no response) and a second on 10 July 2015, which stated the following:
“Second Inquiry (first un-responded) as to the status of my pistol. I am becoming....concerned.”
On 12 July 2015, I received the following reply”

The firearm is here. I will get back to you on Monday or Tuesday to advise.

Since then (it is now the early hours of 18 July 2015) I have not heard a word, through any of the vast communications options available. I have no pistol, no $600.00 and even if I received the item back tomorrow, it would be forever stained in my mind by indifferent and slipshod construction, followed by perversely bad customer service. This is a firearm, a somewhat serious product, and this bunch seems to care about neither their customers nor their reputation.

So I am posting here, and to every related discussion board I can find. Please consider my experience with the Excel Arms MP-5.7 before you purchase this shiny doorstop. The typical negative customer service experience gets related between 11 and 20 times, I am going to try to better this number, and perhaps in doing so can create pressure on Excel Arms to better their customer focus.

WMD (CIB, Purple Heart)

Re: Excel Arms MP-5.7 Review

Posted: 22 Jul 2015, 22:58
by kleinarms
hey man I feel your pain personally. similar experience with Kathy. see my other post on sublect

Re: Excel Arms MP-5.7 Review

Posted: 22 Jul 2015, 23:20
by kleinarms
excel arm quality control, and customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. that being said, I have the gun, and it is working. there is potential there. time will tell. shooting new loads soon. oh and there warning about under 40grns. true 27 grn fnh factory keyholed every shot.

Re: Excel Arms MP-5.7 Review

Posted: 23 Jul 2015, 05:33
by wtsane1
It is unfortunate that they are behaving in this way, it needs to change if they wish to grow their business.

Re: Excel Arms MP-5.7 Review

Posted: 01 Feb 2016, 11:56
by wellcraft
hind sight is 20/20 but it does pay to google the names of manufacturers or businesses and see what you come up with. i've been very fortunate to have never had a bad experience but there's a lot of information out there available at the click of a button. i'd be interested to find out if you ever get your gun back and if it works as advertised.

Re: Excel Arms MP-5.7 Review

Posted: 03 Mar 2016, 23:20
by Grocerius Maximus
wellcraft wrote:hind sight is 20/20 but it does pay to google the names of manufacturers or businesses and see what you come up with. i've been very fortunate to have never had a bad experience but there's a lot of information out there available at the click of a button.
Since Google took over the world (i.e., whomever pays the money gets the hits), and forums became the norm all you get is BAD information, signal to noise ratio is maybe, at best 5%. Over the last 10 years the norm has become internet oriented sales, where vendor internet babysitters are paid to keep tabs and control forums, backed by paid advertising on said forums. Its become total crap. Things are NOT better than they used to be, they are FAR worse.

As an example, look at how many offshore, totally crappy copycat products get sold on Fleabay and Scamazon and essentially put the legit people out of business because the idiocracy shops on price via Google.

F**k Google and everything they stand for. Google has no interest in providing you *any* useful information, they exist solely to *steer* you in a particular direction, this is how they make money!

And they have made a *LOT* of money steering the lemmings right off the cliff!

Want something added to their searches? Pay them.

Want something removed? Pay them.

Its that simple.

Re: Excel Arms MP-5.7 Review

Posted: 04 Mar 2016, 06:46
Excel arms is a firm to totally avoid. However that is just my perspective.