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glock 42 speculation

Posted: 29 Nov 2013, 20:39
by nrv216 ... tml&page=1" onclick=";return false;

Anyone heard anything? Speculation on arfcom seems to suggest a single stack 9mm. There is also talk of US .380 guns or a dressed up .45 similar to the fnx tactical. I had to stop reading on that site when I got to this quote:

"When I got into guns I said "I'll never own a stupid plastic gun. That is just stupid. Give me metal"
After shooting a while I tried some plastic guns and said "Meh, ok they are ok, still not getting a Glock"
After a little while longer, "oh fine, I'll get a Glock 19" I shot it and liked it well enough but said "I still like my sig, beretta and 1911 better"
Then I started being an instructor and shooting IDPA competitions. Now I say "Oh YES, GLOCK GLOCK OH YES YES YES Touch me there you ugly plastic <profanity>!"


Re: glock 42 speculation

Posted: 29 Nov 2013, 20:58
by Rapier1772
Have you checked the blocktalk forum? Unless Block is coming out with a "G57" so to speak, I doubt anyone here knows any more than you do. If it was a Block in 5.7 we'd be all over it :laugh:

I did a quick search online & only found speculation about what it will be, that & the poster scream marketing gimmick to me. Don't get me wrong, it will probably work, but it's still a gimmick :D

Re: glock 42 speculation

Posted: 29 Nov 2013, 21:20
by blueorison
Single stack 9mm, .380, for carry

and a longslide .45 ACP.

Who knows.

But I don't really care that much; I am tired of all these horrible subcompact 9mm's that all fall short. Ruger almost had it before they made it CA compliant with way too many moving parts and a safety on it.

Kahr is too expensive for a throwaway, Keltec.. you get the picture. The Shield and Nano... won't even go there. Sadly unreliable guns.

Right now, if Glock finally comes out with their single stack 9mm, it'll be the only viable 9mm subcompact for me to carry.

European firearm makers are horrible at making practical guns, and when they do, they're 7-10 years behind the curve. They aren't shooters, so they can't make guns. Their "firearm experts" in whatever commercials they put out are horrible at shooting.