Sig Sauer's new Competition line of X-series pistols

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Sig Sauer's new Competition line of X-series pistols

Post by blueorison » 13 Mar 2013, 23:36

The later production of Sig Sauer pistols are not my preference. I shoot them, as part of crosstraining.

They aren't my preference for many actual reasons, not because of this brand vs that brand. They have literally failed me too many times for me to want to get one.

The older Sigs work great, and I've used multiple platforms from them. My favorite, I have stated in the past, is the P210. I like their DMR rifle; it was accurate, but it is too heavy, alike all the "top-down" approach firearms that Europeans seem to make (HK), vs the more practical American rifles (Ruger).

God bless America.

I'd like to try one of their new X-series "competition" pistols out. I already see a design flaw that is based on their "top down" approach. Obviously this is my opinion. I'm sure they had input from... you know, "top shooters".

In America, the "top shooters" go out and CNC their own gear till it works. This is the bottom up approach that has created so many great pieces of gear that the competition shooters use to this day, that is then copied by the "tactical crowd", later.

I have tried the European Sig Sauer competition pistol. It is anything but practical. Still, it looks awesome in movies, I gotta give it that! :)
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