22 magnum question

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22 magnum question

Post by JoJo » 23 Feb 2013, 08:55

Due to the cost of 5.7 ammo, I have been playing with a 22 magnum revolver. I like it! I know that Keltec offers a 22 magnum pistol but they seem to be all alone in the market place. What is the problem with manufacturing a 22 magnum pistol or semi auto rifle??? I understand that Ruger did have a 10/22 in 22 magnum but discontinued it due to problems.

I don't plan on buying one but I am curious. I still long for a 5.7 pocket revolver or even a two shot derringer!

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Re: 22 magnum question

Post by justa22 » 23 Feb 2013, 09:07

If you want a good 22 magum try a RIA in 22 TCM, 1800-2000 fps, forty grain bullet, 1911 frame , great trigger, ammo everywhere even at my LGS. Not as good a bullet as the 5.7, still very devistating.

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Re: 22 magnum question

Post by NLVMike » 23 Feb 2013, 10:23

The Ruger 10/22 magnum was often re-barreled for the .17 HMR, and apparantly had the same problems that the Remington 597 had. In rare occurences, .17 HMR and semi-auto actions don't get along. I don't recall any specific instances, but there must have been a kaboom or two. I know all of my .17 HMR ammo comes with a warning on it that it is not suitable for semi-autos.

Back to the handguns. I can only imagine that the reason there are so few is because there is so little difference in performance between and 22lr and a 22 magnum out of a short barrel. Why go the extra expense for the same performance? Most Ruger single-sixes have both cylinders. I have seen the chrono results and there is very little measurable difference. A long barrel is a different story.

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