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Re: Pocket handgun for coyotes?

Posted: 26 Mar 2013, 08:19
by SpaceCoyote
Vortec MAX wrote:I remember the Gov. of Texas telling a story about dispatching a coyote with his Crimson Trace equipped LCP while jogging. So... apparently, they work.

I better chime in here since y'all are talking about killing my earthly brethren.

As Mike said, Governor Perry used a Ruger LCP in the "lowly" .380 ACP. I think you guys are over-thinking all this. All of the things mentioned here should do the trick on Coyote as long as it goes bang & hits what you are aiming at. Coyotes are relatively small, thin skinned animals. They are also not generally a threat, unless you have small children or puppies around (which OP did).

What worries me more are canines of the (semi) domestic variety. The large pit-bull or the aggressive German Shepard down the road constitute a much more serious threat than the lowly Coyote. A 100+lb monstrous Pitbull might deserve a more serious conversation about stopping power, caliber & weapon choice than the 35lb Coyote.

BTW nice CZ collection Jay! Especially the 40B, what neat piece of CZ & Colt history. Also that RAMI marked 03' must be one of the first ones around.

Re: Pocket handgun for coyotes?

Posted: 26 Mar 2013, 12:42
by fd57
Yeah you can yell "BOO!" and healthy coyotes will head the other way if solo. If in a pack or sick, another tactic will be necessary.

Re: Pocket handgun for coyotes?

Posted: 26 Mar 2013, 18:22
by panzermk2
Good point feral dog packs are a much bigger problem.

That 40b is a second production without Colt markings. Came with 2 sets of factory grips, CZ black rubber and those rosewood. Also came with a nice Don Hume belt slide. Looks heavy but the frame aluminum and is lightweight.