Springfield XD-S

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Re: Springfield XD-S

Post by blueorison » 01 Apr 2013, 22:33

PainKillaX wrote:Haha. I still love it. I'm not in a state of denial, yet. Maybe some day, and that worries me, but not yet. And the light strike are caused by the slide not fully returning forward, well documented on XDTalk as being either limp-wristing or dirty striker channels. Hasn't happened to me in my many hundreds of rounds, only my sister. Having trained as many people as you have, you know how you can start seeing the mistakes and predicting the failures before they happen? I finally experienced that. Again, the 7 round magazines are taken out of the carry rotation. I can admit when something isn't working and they are not but I'm not ready to give up on my pocket cannon yet.

If I ever lock it in a safe somewhere, you're more than welcome to say I told you so :)
Thanks for understanding where I was comin from. You nailed it on the head, dude.

Yeap, you can see their entire body frame and musculature shift between states of being tense and even more tense. You can also see their upper torso positioning become indicative to what their subconscious brain is calling out/how it is performing. And other stuff. A lot of it is just knowing from experience, like you said. I don't look at one thing, I try to see everything. Seeing is everything.

Also, I don't care to hear "you're right" from friends, anymore. I used to, when I had a big ego. Now, I'm too old, inside, and things have progressed to the final point of me caring about the right things in life.

I knew this, when I realized I could just walk away from shooting, as I've said on the forum. That if they banned firearms, or some part that would disallow me from shooting competitively or training, I would just work on another skillset. In the past, I would never have been able to say that.

I know that the way I am is influenced by my friends, who are all much older than I am. And I am ok with it, because I know this is the right way to live, and is the right mindset(s) to have. :thumb:

sorry if I droned on for too long.
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Re: Springfield XD-S

Post by faldoc » 10 Nov 2013, 20:31

I'm having some issues with reloads in my gun, which are not weak loads but not max either. Failures to feed or fully chamber, mainly. Factory ammo seems to work better. I don't have any defensive factory ammo yet. I like my XDS but I'm not trusting my life to it yet. My ultra reliable Glock 26 is my current favorite carry gun.

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Re: Springfield XD-S

Post by panzermk2 » 10 Nov 2013, 22:50

We need some details on the handloads since that is where something is going wrong.
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Re: Springfield XD-S

Post by PainKillaX » 11 Nov 2013, 22:49

Also are we talking while firing, or while making ready? And how many rounds do you have through it?

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Re: Springfield XD-S

Post by ryr8828 » 15 Nov 2013, 04:08

I had no trouble with my xds after I finally got around to firing it. I've shot it, my son has come over and shot it, my daughter and son in law have come over and shot it.
Daughter didn't shoot it for long, nor did she shoot my beretta nano for long, said they hurt her hand.

It's in Geneseo right now, I finally sent it in for the recall last week. Hopefully I'll get it back right after the first of next year. Fedex took it on an interesting journey. Marion, IL down to Memphis TN, then up to Iowa, then to Springfield Armory.
I'll get it back long before Obamastan issues me a concealed carry permit I'm sure.

My search for a pocketable self defense weapon continues however. The xds is too big, as is the nano. The only pocketable pistol I have is a keltec p3at and I'm not really comfortable with .380 if my or my family's life is on the line.
I think the nano or xds would carry in the leg pocket of cargo pants if I chose to wear cargo pants.

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