FNX-9: Buying Without Handling?

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FNX-9: Buying Without Handling?

Post by aaron_c » 11 Feb 2011, 08:40

Hey guys, I've settled on the FNX-9 as my handgun of choice as far as having all the features I want in a handgun- with the Glock 17 as my backup. Problem is, nobody here sells FNH firearms. In fact, the closes places are Dallas and Little Rock, AR, 5 hours and about 4 hours away respectively.

With the adjustable backstraps, am I probably okay as far as concerns about how it's going to fit my hand if I order it online without ever being able to hold it? I loved the way the Beretta PX4 fits in my hand, as well as the H&K USP .45- is it similar to that in size and shape?

Thanks for any opinions or suggestions- I'd probably be fine with the Glock 17 but I don't want to buy it just because I couldn't get my hands on something that would probably better suit my needs and wants in a handgun.

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Re: FNX-9: Buying Without Handling?

Post by Phleborrhagia » 11 Feb 2011, 11:27

Have you tried Gallery of Guns yet? If you've never used the site before, click on the "Gun Genie" button on the left side of the page and you can see if any of your local gun stores use Davidsons as their distributor (thus, you can order what you want from straight from the distributor, which is then sent to which ever gun store you want - and you'll also know that it's not a firearm that's been fondled over X1000 by other people). Another great thing about the site is - you can find out which dealer in your area (up to 100 miles away from your zip code) has the best price on which ever firearm you want.

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Re: FNX-9: Buying Without Handling?

Post by f3rr37 » 12 Feb 2011, 00:02

Check with our forum sponsors, they can ship to your closest FFL. As to how it will fit your hand... if you don't like it I'll take it off your hands for free. :)

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Re: FNX-9: Buying Without Handling?

Post by smpsmp » 13 Feb 2011, 22:35

I can only speak for me. But I own a FNP45T, and it fits my hands fine. Now mind you I don't have long fingers, and I used to always stick with single stack guns like 1911's, and occasionally shoot a friends sig p220, because of that. But since I have added the FsN, and the FNP45T I have to be able use double stack mag guns just as good. I would say if a glock fits your hand (doesn't fit mine at all, not because of the size of the grip, but when I pull up, the rear sight naturally sits higher, and I can't see the front sight at first. I never had this problem with any other gun, just glocks for some reason, and I like glocks, just not for me I guess), the FNX9 should too with the size of the grip, main difference I would think would end up being the angle of the grip. And I'm not trying to talk you out of it, but why not carry the Glock 17 as your main handgun, and Glock 19 as your backup, and have the ability to the use the G17 mags, in the G19?

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