FNX-40 CCW ??

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FNX-40 CCW ??

Post by SeaHawkDriver-B » 08 Feb 2011, 14:40

My dad bought an older S&W 410 Stainless about a year ago and he hates it. I told him I'd find a good .40 cal to replace it with, and thus far there are two contestants.... The FNX-40 and the Glock 23.

I like the Glock becuase, well, I like Glocks... simple, easy, point, shoot.

My father on the other hand is from the generation of "I must have an external safety". :ponder: That got me thinking of things like the USP-40, XD40, and Sig P229. All good contenders, but I'd like to give him a gun that would do him equally well as a CCW. The glock is very CCW-able, but I dont think I can sell him on it as there is no external safety.

Does anyone here CCW a FNX or FNP weapon? Can you reccomend a good holster, IWB?

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Re: FNX-40 CCW ??

Post by Buffman » 08 Feb 2011, 14:46

Crossbreed SuperTuck it and you should be fine. The XD40 easily conceals with such holster. I have an FNP-45 Tactical, that I'm working to get a Garrett Holsters Silent Thunder to conceal better with it. due to the longer barrel I need more cant so the thing doesn't poke me in the leg when sitting down. With more cant I should be able to hide the longer grip to. I like the quality of the Garrett's a lot better than the ST, so if I can get the comfortability down on the GI, then it'll be a keeper.

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Re: FNX-40 CCW ??

Post by jgreenberg01 » 08 Feb 2011, 17:26

I have an FNP-45 Tactical as well and I posted a video of the CCW holster in another thread.

I have an XDm-45 that when I CCW , I use a Crossbreed supertuck (which I also used for an XDm-40), it works great! Also CCW my FsN in a CBST as well...

@Buffman - I replaced the belt loops that came with my Raven Concealment holster off and used the Crossbreed clips. That actually allowed me to CCW the FNP-45T IWB fairly comfortably. I did it for a week. I just switched back to the FsN, and boy, I really appreciate how light the FsN is now!

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Re: FNX-40 CCW ??

Post by Wolvee » 20 Apr 2011, 05:28

I carry my fnx every day. The holster and belt is what makes or breakes any system. I got lucky on my first iwb holster it bought, the crossbreed supertuck. Ymmv. There a lot of high quality options. I dont know why so many people complain about not enough holster choices.

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Re: FNX-40 CCW ??

Post by rebr » 20 Apr 2011, 06:25

I have a stainless USP Compact in .40 and it is extremely comfortable to carry with my Bladetech IWB. It's actually a bit more comfortable to carry than my fiveseven and groups like a champ.

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Re: FNX-40 CCW ??

Post by remat457 » 21 Apr 2011, 23:04

I second the Crossbreed great holsters, very concealable even with a "fullsize" pistol like the FNX.

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