FNP-40 Standard without safety

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FNP-40 Standard without safety

Post by afielder45 » 08 Feb 2011, 08:08

I just bought a New FNP-40, about a week ago. All the ones that I have handled were the USG models, that had the manual safety. The one that I bought was a standard model, which does not have the safety on it. I went back to one of the dealers that have the USG model and had them take down it, so I could see the action in the gun. Other than how the actual MS lever contacts the trigger connecters, I do not see a difference. FN said they can not put a safety on a standard model. Any gunsmiths out there try to prove them wrong, or is it just something that they are not allowed to do, because of the way the gun is labeled as? I am not into major gun alterations, but if it is as easy as a pin that needs to be pulled out, the different MS/decocker lever, then I might be good with that. The standard frame has the dimple for the red dot, just needs to be painted red. Thanks to everyone. :ponder:

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