Shooting without cleaning FiveseveN

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Shooting without cleaning FiveseveN

Post by stg2ahn » 19 Oct 2008, 15:18

Do you guys think it is safe or ok to shoot the FiveseveN without cleaning it?
I am talking about 1k rounds or more.

I am a glock fan and know first hand that the glock can handle it, but my god does it get dirty and gritty.

I ask this question because the 5.7x28 cartridge is a high pressure, high velocity bottlenecked cartridge; unlike the .45 or other common cartridges.

I am sure MO has shot a few rounds without a cleaning the gun after each session.

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Re: Shooting without cleaning FiveseveN

Post by Gramaton Cleric » 19 Oct 2008, 15:25

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Re: Shooting without cleaning FiveseveN

Post by Grantness » 19 Oct 2008, 15:39

I dont think thats a good idea. This gun creates a lot of debris. Im sure u could get away with it for a couple sessions, but theres no point...

Why would u want to do that anyways? How hard is it to clean your gun? There is nothing to gain...

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Re: Shooting without cleaning FiveseveN

Post by Cyberfly » 19 Oct 2008, 17:22

I wouldn't do it. I've always been taught to clean them right away. The longer you wait, the harder it is to break the crap loose and get it cleaned right.
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Re: Shooting without cleaning FiveseveN

Post by stg2ahn » 19 Oct 2008, 17:55

I guess I am very analytical, I just want to know the abilities of this gun" onclick=";return false;
the above link shows an ar-15 going thru 10k rounds without cleaning. They did use lube (but didn't clean the gun), but my point is that if a direct gas rifle fired that many rounds without a hitch shouldn't a delayed blowback pistol be able to shoot a significant amount?

Gosh, those TAP rounds are expensive can't believe they shot up 10k rounds like that.

I would think the fiveseven might be able to do a significant amount, but asking anyone to do a torture test would be unsafe and expensive.

Guys at EA, any thoughts or experiences?

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Re: Shooting without cleaning FiveseveN

Post by jmz5 » 20 Oct 2008, 05:05

I don't always do a thorough cleaning after every range trip but I always do a once over and inspect it for crud/damage/etc.

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Re: Shooting without cleaning FiveseveN

Post by monk » 21 Oct 2008, 03:55

I always thought the ss195 rounds were fairly clean compaired to other rounds. Anyway, it's not advisable to shoot 1k+ rounds through any firearm without cleaning it (even a Glock). People do that for torture test and wether you think it or not, it does do damage to your firearm. If you want to keep your firearm in good operating condition for many years to come, PLEASE, clean it every time after you shoot it!!!!!! :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:

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Re: Shooting without cleaning FiveseveN

Post by amc31b » 03 Nov 2008, 20:34

FN came to our gun club around this time last year to do a demo. They brought both scars, a p90 and a fiveseven. FN brought plenty of ammo and they even let us use our own as long as it was new ammo. All of the guns had at least 500rds through them when we were done. FN brought 25 boxes of ss195. My friend taped most of the lecture and most of the shooting throughout the day(i still have the dvd somewhere). By the end of the day, the FiveseveN had at least 600rds through it. The FN guy (some red head guy, can't remember his name) took everything apart and let several us clean all the guns. The fiveseven had no amount of fouling that would slow it down. There wasn't any particular area that looked like it was so dirty that it could cause a malfunction. I have 100% confidence another 400rds wouldn't have changed anything and gun would still run just fine.
All of the guns that day ran very well and the only one that really jammed was the Scar-H. It seemed to be very picky and just did not like some of the ammo people were bringing. A few people tried shooting it with just the pistol grip and that caused a few jams almost like limp wristing a pistol. There were a couple jams with the Scar-L but almost all of them, the shooter hit the reciprocating charging handle with his thumb causing the bolt to stop just short of lock-up. A smack of the handle locked it up and fixed it.

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