FNP Handguns being Discontinued

Discuss the FN Handgun lineup; the High Power, FNP, and FNX line.
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Re: FNP Handguns being Discontinued

Post by remat457 » 10 Feb 2011, 21:29

afielder45 wrote: The FNP-# USG models have the manual safety (MS) on them. I thought that they all came with the MS, but not the case. Did not find this out, until after I bought one and had it home. I had seen enough of the USG models that I did not even think about checking on them when I bought the one that I have.
Somehow I missed that when the FNP's were out. The only ones I ever saw were decocker only. Did the USG models come out later?

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Re: FNP Handguns being Discontinued

Post by fatherfoof » 10 Feb 2011, 23:45

Oh well, I suppose this is where I lose friends. Take away the 9mm... and your point is? Lose the 40? Praise God unless you are a felon.
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Re: FNP Handguns being Discontinued

Post by afielder45 » 11 Feb 2011, 07:01

The FNP USG model started coming out in 2007, according to customer rep at FN USA told me. He told me that they were made at the same time, standard and USG models. He even said the the general public didn't really know. When I asked him about putting the safety on the standard model, he said that FN can not do it. Don't know if that meant it can't be done period, or not by FN. @ father. Are you saying good ridens to the 9 or the 40? Both are useful in their own capibilities. Both will get the job done. Just sayin.

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