Beginner's luck (CWP qualifying with my FNP-9)

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Beginner's luck (CWP qualifying with my FNP-9)

Post by gearhead » 03 Mar 2009, 18:39

I had my CWP class this past Saturday at work. I was a little nervous about making myself look bad, I fire rifles and machine guns in our range at work pretty regularly but I haven't fired a pistol in years. The FNP-9 I picked up a while back is a great gun though, I not only qualified but got 42 of 50 inside the 9 ring of the target. As nearly as I could see, I had 37 of 40 inside the 9 ring out to 20 yards and was only 50% at 25. I have no doubt the FNP-9 is more accurate than I am, if I was on target it was on target. I wish it tossed the brass a little further to my right, one casing landed right on top of my cap and rolled around for a second before falling off but nothing hit me in the face so I can't complain too much.

Before the class my opinion of the FNP-9 was of a very high-quality, nicely designed handgun that could use a more rounded grip and just wasn't very sexy overall. After taking it to the range I would have to add that it has very good ergonomics, is easy to handle, and has no really finicky habits.

I had my Five-seveN in the car, I hoped I could get some range time with it also but we just didn't have time. I'll have to take them to the outdoor range when the weather improves.

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