Choose bedside gun - Choose Carry gun

Discuss the FN Handgun lineup; the High Power, FNP, and FNX line.
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Choose bedside gun - Choose Carry gun

Post by aimtrue » 21 Jan 2013, 03:35

Of the two, FNS-40 Striker or FNX-40 Hammer (with a flashlight mounted on its rail),

Which would you choose as a bedside gun?

Which would you choose as a carry gun (with a laser mounted on its rail)?

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Re: Choose bedside gun - Choose Carry gun

Post by bobapunk » 21 Jan 2013, 05:51

I prefer the hammer guns, but that is mainly because I have shot a lot more rounds with a hammer gun than a striker gun.

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Re: Choose bedside gun - Choose Carry gun

Post by blueorison » 21 Jan 2013, 14:21

Hey there, aimtrue!

Not much difference to me except for the trigger and safety mech. The striker-fired FNS is more comfortable to me, because I have less crap hanging on the gun to interfere with operation and that might be hit/activated while manipulation in adverse conditions/non-ideal situations. If it isn't there to fail you, it will never fail you. :)

I would choose a striker as CCW and HD/bedside. I do not endorse external safeties on firearms, especially those used for CCW/HD/SD/shooting 2-legged animals, (sometimes, as in the FsN, I have no choice and I have to own a firearm with manual/external safeties - in this case - I taped the safety shut.)

The previous statement includes the assumption that

1. the operator of the platform is well-versed and trained with the firearm and systems used in conjunction with the firearm, as they should be
2. this is for CIV, not LE/MIL
3. if you're carrying, you have an efficient and solid holster

The one piece of advice I'd tend to, is to make sure your striker-fired firearm is tested with the ammunition used for your application with excess of 50 rounds using factory striker springs. Then, load it up with harder primer-ed ammunition such as Sellior & Bellot or Tula, etc. and test its operating/failure range. This goes the same with hammer-fired platforms; many assume that they are more reliable. I've seen weak springs on hammer-fired platforms cause failure-to-fires, also.

But if you own both already, and are choosing between them, then I'd use the FNS for carry and the FNX for HD. Although external safeties are not ideal to me, you usually have less unknown (family is known) distractions at home vs in public. So, deactivating that safety that you might keep activated is more conducive at home.

I tried to avoid delving into mindset and training to keep the post shorter-than-usual, so I hope this all makes sense.

Hope that helps :)
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Re: Choose bedside gun - Choose Carry gun

Post by aimtrue » 21 Jan 2013, 15:35

I thank you all for responding.

My question was not intended to be hypothetical. I presently own a FNX-40. It has both a laser and flash mounted. I use this pistol for CCW.

I have a 4” GP100 that I presently use for HD at my bedside along with a hand-held Surefire flashlight.

Tomorrow, the FNS-40 that I ordered will be delivered to my FFL.

My thinking has been to use the incoming FNS with its more suitable carry features than the FNX as my daily CCW weapon and mount a laser only(and not a flash) on it.

I intend to replace the revolver in my home with the FNX with a flash mounted on it. This will provide me with a much larger ammunition capacity in a gun for home protection then the revolver as well as obviating my having to hold a flashlight in one hand and the pistol in the other.

The reason I put the questions to you is to either validate my thinking or to learn from you perhaps, a better usage of these two fine FN pistols.

My decision is made. The FNS for carry, the FNX for home.

Thanks again to all.

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