New photo inserted into thread about FNX-40 First range sess

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New photo inserted into thread about FNX-40 First range sess

Post by aimtrue » 25 Nov 2012, 16:02

New photo inserted into thread about FNX-40 First range session
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Re: First shooting with my FNX-40

Post by aimtrue » 26 Nov 2012, 02:53

I have wanted to shoot my new FNX-40 since I bought it this past week. When I got up this morning I knew that I could not wait another day so, early this morning I took my FN FNX-40 to the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in N. Phoenix and shot it for the first time. Other than a bit of arthritic pain in my left hand, my shooting the FNX proved to be a pleasant experience.

Although this pistol and my Glock 27 are both .40 S&W polymer pistols of nearly the same size (the FN being the larger), they are very different from one another in many ways that most of you are aware. The most significant difference is that FNX has a TDA trigger system while the Glock has a striker-fired trigger system.

Another difference between the FNX and my Glock 27 is the weight distribution. I have no evidence to support my opinion but the FNX-40 feels better balanced in my hand even with the larger 14-round loaded magazine than the smaller Glock with its loaded 9-round magazine. I believe the longer and higher overall size of the FNX distributes the weight more evenly.

At the range, I loaded three different types of ammunitions into 14-round OEM magazines and divided my shooting hours into four half-our segments:

I shot 42 rounds of Blazer CCI #3951 180gr for my initial familiarization with the pistol.

The next half-hour I shot 42 rounds of Winchester #USA40SWP 165gr FMJ doing defensive sight drills.

Starting the final hour I shot 42 rounds of Remington #L40SW2B 180gr JHP specifically doing defensive point shooting drills.
with my last magazine, I loaded my carry ammo, 14 rounds of Winchester #Q4369 180gr JHP. This is the civilian boxed FBI PDXI .40 S&W ammunition. I really tried to concentrate to get my best accuracy of the day shooting at a 10 yard target. This is a photo of that target.


My 14 rounds hit in a small pattern. I was a off center because I could not hold the gun as steady with my off left hand as I wanted after shooting so many rounds earlier in the day. I anticipated getting a higher level of arthritic pain in that hand with each recoil. This translated into a less tight grip on the pistol and my hit pattern accordingly struck to the upper left level of the bullseye. Nevertheless, I found this pistol amazingly accurate.

During each shooting segment I used the standing Isosceles and Weaver techniques.

The pistol handled all of the ammunition without a failure. This bodes well for future reliability.
The textured grip felt comfortable and secure in my hands.

I was also delighted with the three dot sights. They are excellent and held my focus during sight shooting drills. Unlike some similar size and weighted 1911’s I have had, this gun never felt heavy in my hands at any time even with sustained shooting.

After shooting this beautiful FNX-40 for the first time, I felt like a teen after a first date with a pretty girl. I want to go back for more.

The pistol was easy to shoot, did not hic cough and was accurate and felt very comfortable shooting those powerful rounds.

I think it is a very fine carry gun and I intend to put it on my right hip under a jacket when I do carry it.

Now, I am going to clean and lube it, take a shower, eat a good meal and relive in my mind my time at the range today.

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Re: New photo inserted into thread about FNX-40 First range

Post by fooschnickens » 26 Nov 2012, 13:28

My FNP was easily the softest recoiling .40 I had shot and was just as accurate as your FNX. You really can't go wrong with these pistols. I can't wait to try out one of the FNS pistols. It's on my super short list of things to add to the safe.
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