FNX 9 threaded barrel issue

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FNX 9 threaded barrel issue

Post by pwilliams1 » 28 Oct 2012, 07:26

Hello all,

I have an FNX 9, i had the barrel extended and threaded a little while back by ADCO. The work looks great, however there's a hitch.

The extension the used flares out width wise, making the barrel impossible to take out of the slide without removing the extension. I don't feel comfortable screwing my can onto a barrel that can now come loose in two different places. So here's my question...

If it were your gun, would you put some type of "permanent" thread locker on? Which one would you use?

or just get rid of the whole damn thing and get a new factory barrel?

I have other handguns i can shoot suppressed, I just wanted to use the FN as well.

Any input is appreciated.

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Re: FNX 9 threaded barrel issue

Post by Rapier1772 » 28 Oct 2012, 11:47

I think I'd contact ADCO first & ask if they intended it to be that way & why that wasn't made clear before purchase (assuming it wasn't).

Maybe it was a mistake?
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