Low profile safety/decocker for FNP USG

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Low profile safety/decocker for FNP USG

Post by boscoh » 20 Oct 2011, 12:40

Hi all, first post here and have been a follower of this forum for about a year.

I finally found an FNP-9 USG after first shooting one last year. It has quickly become my favorite handgun.

I would like to use this as a CCW, but I am concerned about the safety/decocker catching/printing on clothing.

Does anyone know of an aftermarket replacement that is low profile, or can you simply replace it with the one on the FNX?

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Re: Low profile safety/decocker for FNP USG

Post by smpsmp » 21 Oct 2011, 21:06

What state are you in?

And I don't believe the FNP, and FNX stuff can be swapped back and forth. I know the FNX's decocker also pulls double duty as a safety like the FNP45. Also just going by the looks everything seems to be molded differently at the point the decocker is attached.

Is the decocker on the FNP polymer or metal? You could always have a gunsmith machine off one side (a friend of mine did that to a SAO Sig so he could put CTC grips on it), or if it's polymer I couldn't see why you couldn't sand it down to just a nub (so nothing falls loose or what have you. I didn't look at any schematics of the FNP 9/40 series).

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