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Who makes canted scope rails for the PBR?

Posted: 17 Jun 2010, 06:48
by Tennessee Slim
Anybody know who makes a 30° canted scope rail for the PBR?

Re: Who makes canted scope rails for the PBR?

Posted: 30 Jan 2011, 14:44
by usmcronin
Contact NEAR MFG, they make the factory FN base rails, they more then likely will have or can make what your looking for.
AT least they did on the ones I have, I'm assuming FNH still uses them as the OEM provider.
My FNH PBR-XP came with the NEAR mount. And Bob A. at FNH sent me a NEAR mount when I first got my PBR 16" that came originially with the 2-peice bases. Which at the time where way out of spec and FNH dropped that un-named mfgr and went with NEAR. Bob A confirmed what I found trying to sight in my 16" PBR, it just would not zero for squat. These two-peice bases where out of spec and Bob sent me a new base free of charge.
Great customer service from FNH.

I could be wrong, but isn't the standand one peice base have 20moa built it?