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Re: FN TSR .223

Posted: 10 Apr 2013, 08:20
by flyingirish04
blueorison wrote:
flyingirish04 wrote:
blueorison wrote:I would prefer an FNH-built rifle and bbl versus Savage.

Barrel is likely made by same group of manufacturers. Savage action is way more full proof, more forgiving to larger selection of loadings. QC on build are identical, Savage may be better given FNHs track record with other guns. Accuracy same, feel worse, price WAY less.

There really is only one reason to have the FNH, which is you just are partial to the company. Which is perfectly fine.
You bring up good points.

I am not partial to FNH USA. They have 100% screwed up great things about their company, as most mfg's have, at some point. I was speaking mainly off the tongue; I do not have shooting experience with the TSR, so I can't really speak on the matter. I have shot many Savages.

Is that a pun? :D

It's definitely a play on words. I think it is technically a double entendre ;).

Re: FN TSR .223

Posted: 11 Apr 2013, 14:37
by Cwc
I can now say that I have shot both Savage and FN built bolts side by side and the FN wins hands down.