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Re: FNH Ballista™

Posted: 12 May 2013, 17:04
by blueorison
Pictures for ya'll. To see how it handles and the relative balance, though it's hard to tell. Thanks to my USPSA buddy for taking pictures; I let him know that my friends on the forum would want to see it, and he was nice enough to send these to me for posting.



Copied from the FNAR thread:

I was only there on Friday for the NRA Show, but I had the opportunity to speak with the Marine in charge of the Ballista exhibit. I wasn't planning on checking it out, but I decided to, at the last moment.

Long story short, it is an incredibly modular platform, that is set up to accommodate future upgrades in energy packs for optics, NV/IR, light, etc.

People were circling around the platform and staring at it, but I thought this wasn't a very efficient way to see how well it worked, so I went up and picked it up, with permission from the marine.

Handling, it is quite heavy; you can check out how much at FN's site. I won't get into details so I can keep it short and sweet, but it is a platform with a lot of potential. One thing to note is that the interchangeable bbls are held in with friction/tension and locked with the lugs. It has 3 lugs on the bolt face.