Urban ERT Sling problem

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Urban ERT Sling problem

Post by Rover » 02 Dec 2010, 11:08

I got an Urban ERT sling with an FS2000 I recently got. Took it to the range yesterday and noticed the front attachment bouncing around when I was firing the weapon. Thought it was from recoil but it was from the gas port.
Melted that little mash clamp cover right off.

Am I doin something wrong? Should I have left the sling on while firing to help keep it out of the way of the gas port? Any other ideas for front point sling attachment?

I was gonna just go with another sling till I realized there aren't really any other options (that I've found), and besides that its seems like a pretty nice sling setup. I just despise that bare mash clamp, not a fan of them to begin with really. Any ideas?


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Re: Urban ERT Sling problem

Post by User42 » 04 Dec 2010, 09:01

I can't remember if I ever fired my FS2000 with the front sling attachment on, but I see how it could get in the way. I changed my sling setup to a single point sling, so now it would be a non issue anyways.
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