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F2000 Forward Ejection Video (2006?)

Posted: 22 Feb 2015, 14:13
by fester2251
I'm trying to get a good understanding of how the F2000 Forward Ejection system works. An Internet search found a reference to a video posted on this forum, from 2006, which is supposed to show a good description of FE, but I'm not finding it now.

Does anybody know of a video describing how the F2000 Forward Ejection system works? Are there any good descriptions of any kind of it?
(I'm having a hard time visualizing what the patent applications are saying.)

Re: F2000 Forward Ejection Video (2006?)

Posted: 22 Feb 2015, 14:47
by Rapier1772
The forum had a catastrophic crash in 2008, we recovered what we could & put it in the archive (link at top left) but I can't promise the vid is there.

I can tell you about the FS2000 though, I used to own one.
It had the star bolt similar to the AR-15 but instead of kicking the spent shell off to the side, it half-ejected the case upward where, when the bolt came forward to chamber the next round, it pushed the spent case forward into a tube above the chamber which ran along the length of the barrel. You can see the tube entrance directly above the chamber in this pic, nevermind the red arrow things.
The exit for that tube was at the forward end of the stock, just above the barrel, with a plastic door on the right side of the gun. The door could be forced open by the spent cases if continuous fire was needed or snapped shut to keep your brass from hitting the ground if you only needed to fire a few shots. I think the tube could hold 4 casings but would kick the door open on the fifth.