Trigger Perfection! Video on the Geissele Trigger

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Trigger Perfection! Video on the Geissele Trigger

Post by Amsdorf » 14 Jul 2013, 05:15

I had the Geissele trigger group installed in my SCAR 17 and .... it is *amazing* how huge an improvement it is over the stock trigger that FN puts in the SCAR 17. Geissele makes triggers for a number of platforms. If you are going to do a mod on your rifle, first thing to consider is a better trigger and, in my respectful opinion, Geissele is the way to go.

Geissele Automatics make what are, beyond question, the finest after-market replacement trigger groups for a variety of firearms. Once you try one, you will understand why they are held in such high esteem by all types of shooters: civilian, law enforcement and military.

Be sure to visit their website to learn more about their products:

From the Geissele web site:

Geissele Automatics was established in 2004 as a manufacturer of trigger mechanisms for the AR15 rifle. Our first trigger, the Hi-Speed National Match, was designed by our Founder, Bill Geissele, for CMP and NRA Hi-Power Rifle competition. Although designed for target shooting, the Geissele Hi-Speed trigger was found by the U.S. Military to have applications in semi-automatic sniper weapons. In 2005 Geissele Automatics received a request from the Department of Defense: "Can you build us a select-fire trigger that is as good as your Hi-Speed?" In response, Bill designed the Geissele Super Select-Fire trigger (SSF). After rigorous testing the SSF was adopted by entities in the U.S. Special Operations community and has become their trigger of choice for M4 carbine based weapons. A derivative of the SSF trigger was developed to meet the needs of law enforcement and civilians who do not need select-fire capability. This trigger, the Super Semi-Automatic (SSA,) combines stellar performance with the safety, reliability and forgiveness for which 2 stage triggers are known.

The Geissele Mission Statement:

To prove, every day, that the Golden Rule works: "Do to others as you would have them do to you" Luke 6:31.

Here is the video:

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Re: Trigger Perfection! Video on the Geissele Trigger

Post by jckilla » 14 Jul 2013, 15:48

I have the JP single stage match on my MP 15 VTAC ) gen 1, without the Troy Extreme Battle rail, and it's by far the best trigger I've used. No over travel, no creep, instant reset. I tried the SSA on my buddies Sig 556 SWAT & maybe it's just me, but I didn't like the 2 stage ( or what feels like 2 stage ) as much as the JP. My .02 cents -

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