FS2000 fail to fire

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FS2000 fail to fire

Post by pbv » 05 Aug 2011, 11:41

I have a early FS2000. Serial 0058xx. Ever since I bought it it does not reliably shoot. I was reading that there were earlier issues and that just the trigger pack/firing pin needed replaced. I called FNH and got some browning guy who says he's never heard of issues with light primer strikes and that he's not really familiar with the FS2000 and I should send it in. Should I send it back in or is there a better person to call. Apparently I missed the bus and Bob Ailes no longer works for FNH.

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Re: FS2000 fail to fire

Post by Rapier1772 » 05 Aug 2011, 13:33

If Bob is gone now, I don't know who you can talk to. Send it back
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Re: FS2000 fail to fire

Post by User42 » 05 Aug 2011, 19:14

Try a different magazine. I don't why exactly, but the one that came with the gun barely worked. I use C-products teflon coated mags, they work 100% and slip in and out real nice.

As far as I know the only difference between the early trigger packs and the later ones is that they removed the secondary safety sear because some fools got caught with illegally converted FA's. From what I read you want that extra safety sear as it prevents firing out of battery even if your not doing anything illegal.

Are you sure it's actually light strikes? Are you getting misfires where everything chambers and cycles fine, but you get a click when you pull the trigger and the primers are left with a light indention? That would be a light strike. If your getting hang ups where rounds end up outside of the chamber and get smashed by the bolt returning (I had a few dump the powder inside my gun they got crushed so bad) its probably a magazine issue. I'm talking jams so bad you have the pull the gun apart to get the round out (which is highly amusing to everyone at the range when you get the hang of it, rip the rifle in half, shake it, and slam it back together). Mine never did that again once I bought some decent mags.
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Re: FS2000 fail to fire

Post by 1811GNR » 06 Aug 2011, 10:06

Try the tips already suggested before this one.
If you are using milsurp ammo with hard primers you can, at your discretion and using all necessary precautions, try removing the spring on the rear of the firing pin. Trimming the spring could be attempted for commercial ammo. That spring was part of the very early recall of the FS2000. Some early FS's had heavier F2000 firing pins without the spring installed. When commercial ammo, with soft primers, was used the FS would slamfire in some circumstances. When FN engineered the fix they went to a lighter firing pin with the spring. IMO one or the other would have been sufficient.
Disclaimer: If you choose to remove the spring you are doing so at your own risk. The author of this post takes no responsibility for the actions taken by anyone that reads it. End CYA.
If you return your FS to FN they will remove your more sought after hammer pack and replace it with a new unit with no safety sear and a heavier hammer spring, which will likely result in a heavier trigger pull.

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